Nov 01 2014
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Photographer Sarah Orbanic posted the following on Instagram: A little sneak into our shoot for her new website. Location: @weesespiecesstudio Photography: @sarahorbanic and Torrie reposted: #MOTIVATIONMONDAY!!! You can #achieve what you #BELIEVE! Our minds are our most powerful tool…or our worst enemy. It’s your choice. When you catch negative energy creeping in you must stop, acknowledge the stupidity and tell it to get lost because you have better things to think about! Like BEING HAPPY & #Motivated for greatness! Make this week bold & awesome!

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Sarah also posted a video on Instagram: I was going to write happy hump day with this video clip… But what it really inspires me to say “It’s never too late or too early to do what you want to do, truly live, dance every day, and hold on to that inner child that still knows what joy feels like, it’s when you let go, and don’t worry about others peoples opinions when you will truly feel it!” Torrie posted a variation on Instagram: Dance to the beat of your own drum & who cares who doesn’t like it! #HappyHumpDay! #BootyShakingHappiness #Dance #Happy #Fit #Move #WorkoutWeds #Zumba #Workout #Fitness #Fitspo #Healthy #Centered #Love #Silly #Laughter @sarahorbanic

A video posted by Torrie Wilson (@torriewilson) on

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