Dec 10 2014
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Torrie recently did a lengthy interview with to promote Phenix Salon products and to talk about what she’s been up to! Phenix released their latest product and commercial for it. Check out the video and the photos. Be sure to check out photoshoot photos, too!

Torrie Wilson Comes Out of Her Shell – Arguably the most gorgeous Diva in World Wrestling Entertainment history, Torrie Wilson is so indisputably hot, it’s hard to believe that she’s so…you know…nice. A former fitness model, she was seen by chance and snatched up by World Championship Wrestling, and the rest is history. A memorable eight-year WWE career followed, complete with on-screen scandal, bikini contests and magazine covers, plus the bumps, bruises, and—eventually—the back issues that forced her to retire in 2008. Now a brand ambassador for Phenix Salons and Products, Torrie has re-embraced her fitness roots with a variety of multimedia projects. Any day you get to talk to Torrie Wilson is a good one, so that’s exactly what we did.

So how did a nice girl like you get into the pro wrestling business?
Well, let’s see. I moved to L.A. to pursue acting and modeling and went to a [World Championship] wrestling show with the ex-boyfriend that was a big fan of wrestling. We got back stage and met some of the wrestlers, and I met [pro wrestler] Kevin Nash and Eric Bischoff (then-VP of WCW) and some of those guys. Kevin Nash actually approached me and thought I looked like someone that would fit well into a storyline they wanted to do because I was fit. He asked me if I would be interested in doing a little storyline and it just kind of snowballed.

Did you feel like the wrestling business—or, at least, some of the veterans in the WCW locker room—looked down on you since you broke in from fitness modeling and acting?
I don’t know if look down is the right word, but you just want to know that people appreciate what you’ve put your whole life into. If they’re going to come in and work with you, you want to make sure that they know what they’re doing and appreciate everything that it is. I guess I totally get that.

Fast-forwarding to the end of your time with World Wrestling Entertainment, was it physical issues that made you want to step away from the business?
Yeah, definitely. When I first got into it, I didn’t have to wrestle. I was just part of a storyline and then it started to cross over and they wanted the girls to not only look the part but get down and dirty. At first, I resisted really wanting to wrestle at all, and then I kind of slowly got more and more into it and it was more fun. I just respect the guys so much for what they do. I had back surgery. The last six or eight months that I was there, my back would just lock up out of nowhere and sometimes I would be at home and I would just be frozen on the couch for like 45 minutes, crying. I would go to chiropractors, I got all the shots that I had to get in my back and nothing was helping and I was just so worried about going out there and being in the middle of a match and not being able to move. Eventually, I ended up having a disc replaced in surgery. After recovering from that, it was just my decision. I just thought this isn’t something I can really go back and do and if I can’t go back and do it well, then I really don’t want to go back to it. That was why I decided just to walk away.

As a fitness model, you were obviously in prime physical condition when you first got into wrestling. Would it have been that much more difficult if you weren’t in that level of physical shape when you started?
Oh my gosh, most definitely! It’s funny because I had a friend who at one time did some modeling with me and then she got really into high-fashion modeling and she lost a lot of weight…she got really skinny, she was like a size zero. I remember once, she showed up in Atlanta because WWE was doing like some kind of testing for some new girls and this girl was so skinny that she had bruises all up and down her body just from hitting the ropes. That right there just says it all. If you’re not fit, then just landing on your back is really difficult enough. If you don’t have any muscle to support yourself, you’re screwed.

Now that you are a few years removed from the ring, how are you feeling physically?
Oh my gosh, I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life. I really do. My back, every once in a while, will be sore, but nothing big. I feel really good. I’m super athletic now. I’m working on a bunch of fitness stuff right now. I’m really excited about that. Just helping women and encouraging people to get out there and get fit. It’s been really eye-opening for me, because when I had to leave wrestling, it was very hard for me. I’ve always been able to be really active, but immediately after the surgery, I couldn’t even lift my right leg up very much. I just always had this burning desire to help people because people want to be fit but they just don’t know how, and that’s kind of where I’m gearing towards now. I definitely feel like I’m in the best shape of my life.

During your time as one of the WWE’s most popular Divas, you always stood out as a little bit more shy and reserved than the others. However, during your heyday, you were often called upon to participate in—and usually win—bikini contests and matches where you had to strut your stuff in very little clothing. Very, very often. Did you feel like you had to build up confidence to get to that point?
Oh God, yes. It’s just so crazy. I feel like such a different person. I know this is kind of off the subject, but I was putting a reel together for an agent recently from wrestling and there’s so much stuff of me prancing around in a bikini and I just want to like crawl under the table and hide. Not that I’m going to say that I’m taking any of it back but it’s just so different from who I am and who I’ve always been and you’re right, I’ve always been on the shy side. Yes, I still love to perform but it was just that whole sexuality thing, especially at that time of my life. I constantly had to go out there and shake my ass and I always felt like everyone was making fun of me because I couldn’t dance sexy. Backstage, it was like this running joke, “Oh, Torrie’s trying to be sexy” and it was humiliating.

I assure you, nobody was making fun of you, but do you think that it got a little bit easier? I remember a period of time where it was just sort of a go-to thing on WWE TV…we need to get the women involved, let’s have some sort of contest. Torrie is the ace in the hole, so she comes out in the end…she’s got a lollipop, whatever the case may be and she’s going to blow everybody else away and win the thing. You were like the Hulk Hogan of diva contests. But I mean…
(Laughs) I know. Every week we’re like, “Another one?”
You guys were the only ones like that. Everyone at home was like, “We’re fine with it, let’s go!”
Did it come more naturally to you once you realized that these things were going well and fans were liking it?
No. I wish I could say I did, but no, it didn’t. It was still hard. I was still in a bikini and I was glancing down in the front row seeing a 6-year-old boy sitting there. Like, it was not easy. In my head, every time, I was thinking people have got to be sick of this. There’s only so much you can take of someone shaking their ass in a bikini, but evidently, I had the wrong thinking because clearly people were watching it and the ratings were good.

Let’s talk about your current relationship with Phenix Salons and Products. Tell us a little bit about your role with them and where people can take advantage of their services and their products.
I was approached last year to work for them as their spokesperson and it’s just a really exciting opportunity for me. It’s a growing company that has a lot of salons already in the United States and their expanding out of the United States and rapidly growing here in the U.S. They also have their own products, which is what I’m representing. Their main product is called Ashley Phoenix, and it’s in this really cute bottle that you spray on your hair and it’s like a powder that poofs your hair up really great. You don’t have to keep reapplying it all day long . They have great body scrubs and lotions and all that. It’s just been a really exciting experience for me because I love being a part of something I believe in and it it’s growing. To have an opportunity to grow with this company, it’s just been really awesome. We’ve done a lot together…so much already, and I’m growing with them. That’s the part of it I love. There are salons all across the U.S. and they have these great little boutiques set up inside their salons that sell all their products. We also did an infomercial a couple of months ago that should be airing soon. It’s just really exciting.

I know that you’re very active on social media as well. What else are you up to, and how can we stay up-to-date on all things Torrie?
Well, they can follow me on Instagram at Torrie Wilson, Twitter at Torrie11, and Facebook at Torrie11. I’m actually getting ready to launch my website in December which I’m very excited about. I’ve been working very hard on it this past year. It’s just a place for people to go to learn about not only the basic fitness that everybody does, but how to nurture your soul and your mind and how all of that integrates together. Feeding your body well, meditating and things like that… things that people just don’t really think about. You go through life and you don’t even realize how miserable you are until you feel good hopefully some day. That’s just what I want to teach people, how good you can feel when you don’t stress so much about how you look. That might sound crazy coming from someone who it was all about my looks, but It’s so much easier to lose weight when you aren’t stressed about it. Yes, you have to be on a plan and you have to think, and you have to have a goal and follow a workout and diet. When you stress out about it, you’re not helping matters and you have to learn that it’s not always an “all or nothing” mentality. You can have a day where you have pizza because a lot of people go on a diet and then they freak out and they’re like. ”Oh, my life’s over. I can’t go out. I can’t see anybody. I can’t go to dinner with you anymore because I’m on a diet.” How long is that really going to last? This is just my passion. Wherever I go, I always have women—usually women in their 50’s and 60’s—ask me what I do for fitness and for working out and dieting and I’m always giving that advice. I feel like this has got to be my calling in some way, so that’s what I’m doing.

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