Feb 05 2015
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Torrie updated her YouTube with a brand new video! I must say this is a side of Torrie we haven’t seen since kicking butt in the ring! Let’s just say Torrie opens up a can of whoop ass or two or three! Perhaps envisioning an ex was her motivation!? Hehe! Torrie recorded a 2 minute video of her definition of unbreakable and it’s fierce, fun and inspirational! Torrie is the epitome of unbreakable! Be sure to check out the video and photos as well as the transcript from the video below! Torrie is preparing to launch a new fitness website so this is just a peek at what you may see!

Hey guys, I’m Torrie Wilson! Don’t forget the first rule! Looks can be deceiving! What is it exactly that makes someone unbreakable? Rule #1: You Gotta Take NO Prisoners It’s kind of like, something snaps in my brain! You gotta have that drive, that ambition! You gotta be able to see that prize and you don’t care who’s around you! You don’t care who’s doubting you! You don’t care who’s talking crap about you! You are getting to that point! Giving up and quitting is never an option! You will see my body give out before my heart ever does! You gotta have exceptional speed! You gotta believe in yourself so much that there’s no room for fear! No room at all for fear! You have to persevere! You gotta have the tenacity to keep going on! You gotta believe in yourself so much that making it to the top of the mountain, it’s just out of the question to quit! That my friends is what is unbreakable!

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