Mar 29 2015
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Torrie posted a few new social media updates this week! She has also posted on her website as usual! Check out the updates below!

03/23: If you are going to be at #wrestlemania make sure to come see me at #wrestlecon on Saturday! #wwe
03/24: Great class tonight! Thank you! @movieinterview @markicostello
03/25: Torrie tweeted some fans on Twitter
03/26: I just want to squeeze my own cheeks lol #TBT #ThrowbackThursday
03/27: This is hilarious! The ENTIRE plane waiting for carryon bags. #DoesAnyoneCheckABagUpInHerr
So this happened tonight & made me so so happy that I cried : ) #Friends #Divas #WWE #Love
03/28: Loved seeing @reallisamarie @realbarbarablank today : )
03/29: Torrie posted on

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