Jul 12 2015
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Here are Torrie’s social media updates over the last week! She has also posted on her website TorriesFunFinds.com as usual! Check out the updates below!

07/08: Never look back unless you are planning to go that way – quite by Henry David Thoreau
07/09: I aint gonna lie. I am getting to the age I NEVER thought I would be. Mentally & spiritually I will always be 25..But what really feels good is knowing if I keep working hard and treating my body right..there’s a pretty darn good chance I’ll have better abs than those half my age. So let this be the lesson of the day..lay the ground work, work hard, keep working hard when you feel like giving up, get back up when you mess up and use the negativity as FUEL to shove it up their *ss when they say you don’t have what it takes! #BelieveInYOU #Fit #Muscle #GirlsWhoLift #Fitness #Abs #JustDoIt #FitBody #FitMind #NeverTooLateToStart
07/10: Posting a new leg & booty workout on my youtube channel right now! If you want a workout that kills it, it’s a must do! #FitBody #FitMind #JustDoIt #Fitness #Fitspo #Muscle #StrongIsSexyBaby! YOUTUBE: TORRIEWILSONFITTV
07/11: Happy Saturday! Let’s do this! #NothingJustHappens #MorningSweatSession #Motivate #Muscle #Strong #Fitspo #WorkForIt!
Ok I’m trying to figure out this snapchat thing? Who uses it?
07/12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most beautiful person I know inside AND out! Trust me, I know a lot of great people & this one takes the cake! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! @jessyt4 #ForeverFriend #SoulSister

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