Jul 24 2015
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Today, Friday, July 24th, Torrie turns the big 4-0! We ran a week long birthday celebration for you to enjoy!


Torrie Anne Wilson was born on July 24, 1975 to Lana and Al Wilson. She has two older brothers Tim and Matt and a younger brother Travis. She grew up as a shy kid in the small town of McCall, Idaho. She had goats as pets and was on the track and field team and did cheerleading. In her teen years, she developed an eating disorder after pursuing modeling and later suffered from bulimia. She overcome both when she found fitness modeling. She started college but eventually moved from Idaho to California to continue pursing modeling and try her hand at acting before the bright lights of wrestling came calling. This in turn opened doors for Torrie to venture into other areas of entertainment to further her success. The years 1997, 1998 and 1999 mark the start of Torrie’s career. Torrie began her career by moving to California to pursue acting and modeling. Torrie started fitness modeling during these years and eventually won Miss Galaxy 1998 and that helped advance her modeling. After winning the Miss Galaxy contest in 1998, Torrie was on an episode of Baywatch in 1998. She graced the cover of many magazines also and was inside. In 1999, Torrie was allowed backstage at a WCW show and that opened the door for her becoming a valet in WCW. She spent 1999 to early 2001 there being on the arm and working with top stars until it was bought by WWE. She then went on to be signed by WWE and spent the next 7 years there becoming a top star herself. She became one of the biggest and most popular WWE Divas and accomplished so much in and out of the ring during her time there. She was apart of many of the most memorable matches and graced the cover of Playboy twice. Sadly, Torrie developed back problems and had surgery and was forced to retire, leaving wrestling behind in 2008. Torrie left behind an unforgettable legacy. In present days, after leaving wrestling, Torrie returned to modeling and started her own business. She starred on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and other miscellaneous tv shows and things. She modeled for Benchwarmer cards and became the Spokeswoman for Phenix Salons. She also returned to fitness and is looking better than she did 15 years ago when we first met her! She is doing a lot with fitness these days also. Torrie inspires women to be healthy, be themselves, to love themselves and to be kind always! Thank you Tor for always inspiring me & many women for being a great person to look up to!

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