Aug 06 2015
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In breaking news and also important news, it was released today that our host will be parting ways with their business service and will no longer offer hosting so every site on their server will be gone unless moved so unfortunately this effects our site – I am working to have our site moved to a new host which will also unfortunately mean a new domain and link. It is important that you stay tuned to our site all weekend as we move and reveal the new link because as of Monday, it will be moved somewhere else. We hope to keep our visitors and encourage you all to await our new link and follow us there. Stay tuned for the latest regarding our site’s status to continue enjoying the very best and latest of Miss Wilson!

UPDATE 08/07: We have applied for new hosting and domain. Starting transfer process.

UPDATE 08/08: Most of the site has been transferred. Our new link is!

UPDATE 08/09: Site is transferred. Just finishing up transferring the gallery!

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