Mar 20 2019
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Jim JR Ross caught up with Torrie ahead of her Hall of Fame induction and the two discussed a wide variety of topics! Check out’s exclusive coverage from the Ross Report 03/20/19 complete results below! Check out the episode on Westwood One Podcasts or you can find it on Apple Podcasts and anywhere else online with podcasts, including YouTube below!

JR introduced Torrie as the next Hall of Fame inductee, Class of 2019. He complimented her, stating he hired her in 2001 from WCW and she’s always been an amazing woman. She was a huge signee based on her talent, youth and look. He said congratulations and that he was really, really proud of her. He asked if she was surprised when she got the call. She said she was on a retreat in Sedona and Mark Carrano called. She thought he was just inviting her to the show and she was very much surprised when she realized she was getting inducted. JR said she definitely earned it. He made a few jokes about the seriousness of the Hall of Fame to some but for the WWE members, it’s a big deal. She said she never thought she’d get to the Hall of Fame although fans have said it to her. She said she’s never felt loved due to emotional moments and never winning a championship but she feels appreciated and it is a big deal.

He asked about what she’s been up to and what she’s working on. She started to tell him she’s using her past to build a future, using her eating disorder and never feeling good enough to help others with health and fitness to feel good enough. She said everyone deserves to feel good about themselves. She went into details about how people stay in mediocre relationships and are afraid to go to the gym. She wants to enhance self esteem. JR mentioned that others aren’t going to give you self esteem so you have to give it to yourself. He said that it wasn’t until his wife was killed that he started looking at working on himself. Torrie said that unfortunately it takes the worst times that we go through to get us back on track. She complimented JR’s wife.

JR went on to talk about the talent and how back then Vince wanted attractive women and compared that thinking to today’s women. He asked her opinion on the difference between then and now. Torrie said the past women were just trying to create their own thing. She said the current women saw them wrestling and wanted to do that. The women of the past didn’t have those women to watch and aspire to be. Torrie said a lot of the women before were trained as they went along and the current women have the awesome program of NXT. They talked about how today’s group can use social media to allow fans in more personally and Torrie mentioned that they have to use it to build a future because they can’t wrestle the rest of their lives.

They talked about that a little bit more then he mentioned her interview on Busted Open and that she talked about her going through a table. He asked if she was afraid. She said she thought it was cool and she was so excited to do it because it was different. They discussed Mae and Moolah and Torrie said she missed them. She said she remembers her times working with them. He mentioned the evolution of the locker room and asked her about the dynamics. She said there was some snide remarks to her if she got a bigger reaction. She said that there’s many factors to making it at WWE than just good looks as some can’t travel 300 days of the year, can’t handle a male dominated locker room or work through the pain. He asked her about the husband and wife dynamic. She said that it is hard if one is getting more than the other. She said it’s great to have a relationship on the road if it works. He mentioned that you need respect and communication. She said that you have to have trust because you’re tempted all the time.

They talked about the timing of the Hall of Fame and how long it tends to be and what WWE was doing to make it better. He said if she was to have an inductor, would she be a female. Torrie said yeah! JR plugged Torrie’s social media. He asked where the 11 came from. She said she didn’t know but it’s the day she got married although she’s divorced. (Torrie was also #11 voting on I’m a Celebrity get me out of here show! But I think she forgot that lol) He asked if she kept in touch with Stacy Keibler and she said yeah. She said she has a daughter and son and is such a great mom. She talked about how the two experienced so much together. He said to never compromise beliefs or principles. He asked if she still signed copies of her Playboy. She said now and then she gets them lol and wants to scribble out the date as it makes her feel old. He asked her if she was writing her own speech and she said yes. She wanted to focus on what she walked away from the ring with and not just thank yous and WWE stories. She said she wants to keep it below 10 minutes and they joked about the speeches. He shared his moments when he was inducted. He said that’s what they look forward to.

He joked with her that everyone enjoyed seeing her run the bleachers. She laughed and said is that why everyone asked if I was about to run the bleachers. He complimented how physically fit she was. He said that she was one of the rare few to run. He plugged her social medias again and complimented her again saying he’s always enjoyed her and thought very highly of her. He also complimented her shape, outlook on life and that she’s very deserving regardless of what the “idiots” say. They then said goodbye to one another and he thanked her for coming on his podcast.

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