Apr 06 2019
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Renee and Corey announced that the next inductee was a member of the early 2000s revolution of women. They announced Torrie Wilson! Her package played with commentary from other stars complimenting Torrie and how much fans loved her. It showed her many memories and then out came her inductor: Stacy Keibler!!! Stacy, who just had a baby a couple months ago, looking incredible, complimented the women’s evolution and plugged tomorrow’s main event. Then she got to the woman of the evening: Torrie Wilson! Stacy gave an incredible introduction of her friend for 20 years. She said she’s the embodiment of the women’s evolution. Stacy’s introduction speech was so heart warming and amazing complimenting Torrie. Then out came Torrie in a beautiful red dress!

She began her speech back in 4th grade when she was asked out by the cutest boy in school which made her nervous. She ate over the Christmas break and when she came back to school, he called her fatso and asked what happened to her. She said she vowed one day to make him eat his words. She fast forwarded to her first day in WWE when she was so shy. She discussed how people are fearful and the only thing to counter it is a confident persona. She said her near 10 year career in WWE gave her that confidence. She thanked the fans for helping her find that. She discussed in depth how you should not be fearful to be yourself, never ask for permission and forget the failures. She shaded fans who didn’t believe in her wrestling abilities and who thought she shouldn’t be in the WWE HOF. She also joked about her wrestling skills and how she wasn’t hired for it but she gave her all and she came out there every night. She also reminded everyone to have a swagger because it’s the first thing people see. She talked about using her swagger in the pose down with Sable in 2003 as she is naturally shy. She said the women have come a long way since then.

She thanked everyone who had anything to do with her career from the jerks to the traveling bookers to the stars. She thanked Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan for giving her the chance backstage that started her career. Nash was shown in the audience looking on (Hulk was backstage). She thanked Fit Finlay and she apologized for all the times she cried and said he wants nothing more than to see women crushing it. She said he showed her what she’s made of. She said he is a huge reason we get to see women main eventing tomorrow plus all the badass women. She thanked her former husband Billy Kidman (Pete) for teaching her how to function in the wrestling world. She even said she loved him. She thanked Stacy Keibler. She joked how they just bebopped in there like two clueless blondes. She thanked Michelle McCool as her road wife and complimented her characteristics and as her friend (Michelle was shown tearful in the audience). She thanked Victoria (Lisa) as one her craziest and funniest friends. She builds everyone up around her. She complimented her and said she loved her (Victoria was shown crying in the audience). She thanked Candice Michelle. She said Candice is everything Torrie wishes she could be. She said Candice pushes her to be her fearless self (Candice was shown tearful in the audience). She thanked her family. She said they road a rollercoaster with her and never let her down. She choked up and starting crying. She mentioned her dad passed away two days ago. She talked about her crazy experience in WWE with him. She was looking up at the ceiling as if she was talking to him. She said she loved him. She thanked the WWE Universe because they are the only reason she gets to stand there. She said they’re not hard to win over and they’re tough. She joked about being glad to be a part of their life and puberty. Hahaha. That got a standing ovation and a thank you Torrie chant lol. She laughed. She circled back and thanked that boy in 4th grade who helped her find that confidence. She finished by telling people to always check that box yes and not to be fearful. She concluded that it just might change your life, like it did hers. Torrie’s speech was amazing and beautiful, filled with laughter, inspiration and tears but mostly proudness! I was in tears watching and still as I cover it. I am so incredibly proud of Torrie Wilson!

Torrie was interviewed after her speech saying it was incredible, she was really nervous about this because of her emotions with her dad and the positive and negative feedback after the announcement that she’d be inducted. She wanted to prove herself. She was nervous when she first got out then then she felt at home, like she was talking to her friends. She was asked what she thought her father would say. She said she knew he was super proud of her, he calls her his angel and he was happy she was being inducted. She said she knows he was there, she felt him and she’s glad he knew it was coming. She said he’s in a much better place.

From WWE.com Torrie Wilson brings her mission to inspire to the WWE Hall of Fame – Torrie Wilson revealed how she developed the confident persona that ultimately led her to the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2019. Courtesy of WWE Network.

What does it mean to be a strong woman? Do you need a championship title? A movement behind you? A main-event position at WrestleMania? Those certainly help, but if you ask Torrie Wilson, those are the spoils, not the qualifications, of a powerful female in complete control of her “inner bada**”. As Stacy Keibler said in her surprise appearance as Torrie’s inductor, “The All-American Girl” is the poster child for working to make yourself, and the world, a better place. And as Torrie herself admitted in her charming, candid speech, even if her wrestling skills didn’t occasionally fit the bill of a Hall of Famer, she worked hard to “[maintain] the courage to keep coming back for more, even if I wasn’t the best.” Who could be more deserving than that?

Wilson’s speech was a lesson in self-improvement, as she took the WWE Universe from an embarrassing grade-school interaction with her fourth-grade boyfriend to the unlikely Superstar who motivated herself to the Hall of Fame with three simple rules. Rule No. 1: “Realize that permission is for pansies. We don’t need anyone’s permission to be who they are.” Rule No. 2: “Gotta forget the failure. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t hired based on my wrestling skills. I had none.” And Rule No. 3: “Summon your swagger. Even if your swagger is dorky as hell, your swagger is the first thing that people see.”

There was a series of thank you’s to the people who helped push Torrie to be her best self — Fit Finlay, Billy Kidman, Victoria, Michelle McCool, Candice Michelle, just to name a few — a word for her late, beloved father Al, the WWE Universe who always says it like it is, and even her old classmate for motivating her to find her confidence, The All-American Girl swaggered her way into the WWE Hall of Fame. Her work to make the world a better place continues. But her speech left WWE at least, a little bit better than it had been just moments before.

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