Jul 22 2019
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News broke this afternoon on WWEs social media that Torrie Wilson would be at the big Raw Reunion show they had planned tonight! Torrie first showed up early on in the night surprising Alicia Fox with her version of a disco ball dress then they were joined by Santino and his cobra. As it went to commercial break, Drew McEntyre spoiled their fun by interrupting them and wasnt the least impressed.

Next, Torrie was shown in the party lounge as Maria Kanellis berated her husband. Ron Simmons showed up with the many others at the party including Torrie and delivered his infamous DAMN line.

Later, the party lounge was shown again with Torrie dancing with Rikishi. It was quickly interrupted again by Sami Zayn this time who basically berated all the legends until Torries old pal Rey Mysterio saved the day.

Torrie came out on the stage at the end and then in the ring to celebrate with STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN and the family! So glad to see Torrie back on RAW!

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