Jan 21 2011
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We are looking for and currently accepting elite, drop down and regular affiliates. Please fill out the form below, send an email, leave a comment on the chat box, Twitter or Facebook if you are interested in becoming affiliates and would like to apply with Torrie-Wilson.net,! Please email your form to: amanda@torrie-wilson.net if you have any problems using the automatic form.

Rules for Applying:
– No free hosted websites for elite/drop down spots. (Ex: Freewebs, Social Media, Blogspots)
– Any and all can apply for regular!
– Please have our link on your site at all times as we will do the same.
– Please link us before or after applying.
– Do not apply if you do not own a website/forum/etc.

* If your site fails to display our link at any time or fails to be reasonably updated, we will revoke displaying your link.

Put your name in the “Name:” box
Put your email in the “Email:” box
Put your site’s name and url in the “Website:” box
and state whether you want Elite, Drop Down or Regular in “Subject” box for affiliation.


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