Oct 14 2011
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The Webmistress (Amanda), myself, haha, has met the lovely Torrie Wilson twice! Below is complete coverage from the two times I have met her! Torrie knows about the site and often visits. It was an honor meeting her both times!

Steel City Comic Con Appearance in Pittsburgh, PA

I’ve been updating and tweeting about it and announced it here earlier that I was going to be meeting Torrie at the Steel City Con! I uploaded the pictures to the gallery and have them for you to see! I do plan on sharing a little video and more details on the experience. I printed out the wishes and other site stuff for Torrie and shared with her! She was so appreciative of the wishes and you can see her posing with them in the pictures as well as reading them! Torrie truly loves her fans and said she has the sweetest fans! She was so appreciative of the wishes and sent many thanks for them! She said she’d keep them!

It was the best day ever as this was my first time meeting her! Torrie is the nicest, sweetest person in the world! I talked to her for over an hour and she signed my magazine and took a picture with me! We had a complete girl talk and I had a blast. I want to thank Torrie for everything and I can’t wait to see her again! Be sure to check out the digital pictures and ones I snapped from the videos and check back as I’ll be sharing a video from the appearance soon! Thanks again, Torrie!

EDIT: HERE IS THE VIDEO AS PROMISED! I realize parts have no sound out of respect for the conversations I had with Torrie but watch the whole thing, you’ll see parts with sound! Enjoy!

If anyone else attended the Steel City Con or any other appearances Torrie did in the past or will do in the future, feel free to send your photos and/or experience into Torrie-Wilson.org! We’ll post them here for the visitors to see!

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K&S WrestleFest Appearance in Philadelphia, PA

Hi guys, I’m back from the K&S WrestleFest that Torrie appeared at today. Hurricane Irene was ripping up the east coast, but thank goodness it was just rain in Philadelphia, PA and the event was still on. However, some stars did not show due to the weather. Torrie and BFF Candice were still in attendance. Although the hurricane is still on going, Torrie and Candice were on the first flight following the signing so I imagine by now, Torrie (and Candice) is safely back in Los Angeles. I posted my many pictures from the appearance and I plan on adding more from other fans I met there and I have a video of the day below! Torrie gave a special shout to the site so be sure to watch it! Torrie (and Candice) was as sweet as ever and so beautiful!

This is the second time I’ve met Torrie within a month and first time meeting Candice. So thank you ladies for coming to Pennsylvania!! There were a lot of stars at the event and it was a blast. The girls were definitely busy but I did spend a while talking to them and they were kind enough to make videos for Torrie-Wilson.org and Candice’s official fansite. Torrie told me she visits the site frequently and loves visiting. We talked about a few other things. I also talked to Candice about her daughter! So cute! Thanks again ladies, it was a blast! P.S. Besides Candice, Torrie got to catch up with former friends you make not recognize in the photos: Madusa, Asya, Fit Finlay and Vladimir Kozlov.

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