Jan 12 2011
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“Showing that you can be sexy, strong and independent is the best thing about being a Diva. It’s a great inspiration for other people.”

“I always want to wear something the fans will like.”

“It’s what is inside a person that counts.”

“My body language conveys that I’m not intimidated by my opponent, that I’m strong and that I’m going to kick their butt.”

“You can always feel the energy of the crowd.”

“I get nervous about performing 90% of the time. There’s always that little self-doubt, but I don’t let it get to me.”

“If the fans are behind me, I feel like I can do anything.”

“I like the performing part, it gives me a huge rush but it still makes me nervous. Being in front of large crowds is intimidating to me and I feel myself withdrawing.”

“I was dating a guy that was a huge wrestling fan and I’m embarrassed to say it now but I used to make fun of him for watching it.”

“If there was one thing I’d like to teach young women, it would be that you can eat and still be fit and lean.”

“It was between the ages of 14 and 20 and I started off not eating at all, maybe an apple a day.”

“When I was dealing with the eating disorder, I wanted to look like the stick-thin models, but then I started reading fitness magazines and seeing these girls with great bodies that weren’t too muscular.”

“While on the road, I TiVo a lot of television, including Friends, Family Guy and of course Raw, SmackDown, and ECW. Sometimes watching myself on TV is really painful and I can barely get through it.”

“Bathing with others is fun. Candice makes getting lathered a very enjoyable experience.”

“Time really has gone by fast. I don’t know if your path is pre-written or what, but it’s crazy how one thing just leads to another.”

“This sounds really lame, but I’m pretty proud of my feet. I’ve gotten so many compliments for having nice feet. If someone has a foot fetish, I’d have an in. I love foot rubs, too. I’ll take one whenever I can.”

“If you focus on your flaws it’s hard to move on to greatness…focus on the good! Whatever you “send out” will come back to you so make it good!”

“Don’t ever stop reaching for your dreams, unless you want someone else to live them for you.”

“As much as “change” is important for growing, it sure can be scary sometimes. #Faith”

“Bitter peeps = sad peeps. CHOOSE to be happy no matter what your circumstance is…the only person who suffers is YOU. #LoveYourLife”

“Your attitude isn’t the only thing, but it’s the MOST IMPORTANT thing!”

“Nobody is a failure until they STOP TRYING!”

“Instead of wiping your tears, wipe away the people who created them…”

“God is great!”

“Finding out who your true friends are can be hard…but is absolutely necessary if you want positivity & growth!”

“The absolute BEST accessory anyone can wear is a smile & a positive attitude! No one can take it away unless you let them & it’s free!”

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