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To clear up some questions on Torrie’s dogs. Here is their official pets page! Click their images to see more!

Chloe Wilson, a Maltese – Torrie got Chloe as a gift from her ex-husband in 2005. Amidst their separation in 2006, Chloe remained with Torrie. Chloe is the most known of all three dogs as she appeared in WWE alongside her mom, Torrie. In 2005-2006, Chloe was brought to the ring with Torrie as she got set for her matches. When she was apart of the heel stable “Vince’s Devils” with Victoria & Candice, Chloe would be used as a distraction or rubbed in her opponents faces. This was dubbed the “Chloe Tush Push” which is similar to the stink face that Torrie did a one point. Chloe also appeared on WWE.com features with Torrie when the dog show aired on USA and she’s done official WWE.com photoshoots. She often wears a bow in her hair. As of 2012, Chloe will be 7 years old.

Stewart “Stewie” Gilligan Wilson, a chihuahua – Torrie got Stewie when she adopted him in 2006. She named him after Stewie on the Family Guy as that is one of her favorite television shows. Torrie got Stewie after she developed a love for Chloe and wanted her to have a brother. She got him about a year after she got Chloe. He and Chloe often traveled with Torrie during her wrestling days but he was never on television. A one point, Stewie had to be on a diet because he was getting chubby quickly (haha), however he is still a little chubby. Torrie once tweeted a picture of him stating his full name: Stewart “Stewie” Gilligan Wilson. No word on whether Chloe or Pepper has a middle name! Stewie is the only male dog of the three; the other two are female. As of 2012, Stewie will be 6 years old.

Pepper Wilson, a chihuahua – Torrie got Pepper when she adopted her in 2010. Torrie announced her arrival on Facebook and asked fans to help name her. Along with Chloe and Stewie, Pepper often travels with Torrie wherever she goes. Torrie definitely loves her dogs and posts pictures with them and of them a lot. You can see the photos through this page and view more by clicking on the photos to go to her social media galleries where an archive of her pictures with and of them are shown. Torrie likes to dress her dogs up in dog clothes as well. As of 2012, Pepper will be 2 years old.

K9 Magazine 2007 — Torrie & Chloe appeared in and on the cover of K9 Magazine in 2007. — WWE star, Torrie Wilson, strikes a pose with her Maltese, Chloe, on the latest issue of K9 Magazine. When asked: If you could sum it up, what do you think is the best thing about owning a pet? Torrie responded with: “My pets are my babies, I can give and get unconditioned love from them always!”

At one point, Torrie had two cats, one named Cali (that she found in California in early 2000) and one with an unknown name that she had when she was married, no word on the status of the cats.

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